Thursday, January 7, 2010

From beach to mall

spent all day at the beach and as you leaving your friends decide they want to go to the mall!don't panic,just throw this on and you will fit right in!

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Nail biting I have this major problem with biting my nails..I have been biting them for 13 years and gave up only once for 6 months..sooo..this years resolution is to stop biting my nails!I have found it really hard so far,but i'm going to keep on trying so that I can have long beautiful nails!!I hope this article helps anyone else that has the same problem!

1 Confront your problem. Get a camera and take some pictures of your bitten fingernails. Examine your nails, and list their problems.

2 Visualize yourself with healthy nails, and how great they will look.

3 Pick at least one nail to "protect" at a time.

After a few days, an non-bitten nail will flourish and reward you. Do not bite it. If you must, bite one of the 'unprotected' ones. Sometimes it helps knowing that you have another nail to bite, even if you don't actually nibble at any unprotected ones.
Once you have grown your non-bitten nail for a while, start protecting another one. And another. And another, until every single nail is protected.

4 Eat calcium and magnesium - rich foods so that your nails will repair and grow well. Not only that, but most of the reason that the human body wants to bite nails is the lack of calcium and magnesium in the body and the body needs that material back.

5 Push your cuticles back. Many nail-biters do not have "moons" on the base of their fingernails because their cuticles have not been pushed back. To do this, gently push your cuticles towards your finger to reveal more of your nail. This is easier to do after a shower when your hands and nails are wet. This makes the nail appear longer, and it gives a more attractive shape, which might also be a motivation to stop biting.

6 Find a habit to take the place of nail biting. Whenever you have the urge to bite, do that instead. Some people like to drum their fingers, or just stare at their hands. Just make sure it's not a bad habit; choose a helpful one or one that doesn't really matter either way. 'Bitrex' is a chemical that is put in products to make them taste foul, obtained from your local pharmacy. It's included in nibble inhibitors that you paint on to your nails. Carry some with you at all times. Apply your nasty solution several times a day. If you get used to the taste, choose another brand.

7 Distract your mouth. Eat carrot sticks to keep you busy. Keep a stick of gum handy for those weak moments.

8 Distract your hands by taking up a hobby.
A hobby to distract your hands might be making models or maintaining your house, knitting or crochet, running or other outside pursuits, or even nail care and decoration! Distract your hands at times when you usually bite your nails ( car rides, sitting in class, watching TV, ect...).
For those whose nail biting is obsessive/compulsive it may help to approach your hobby obsessively.

9 Cover your nails. For females, fit artificial nails. They can really help. For guys, polish them and apply some shine/growth promoter or petroleum jelly. It's harder to bite nails that are looking great!

10 If you have any surplus growth, cut your nails back. Keep clippers with you at all times. You can't bite if there's nothing there!

11 Speaking about your nails will help to focus your mind on your goals. Ask for help from your partner(s). Keep talking about your goals.

Show off your improved nails', and get much-needed encouragement and praise from your peers.

12 Be proud of your improving nails. They will shine with beauty.

13 Go for a manicure, and chat with the manicurist about having great nails.

If you are male and you go in for a manicure and anyone gives you grief for not being manly, just say you are taking radical steps, whatever it takes. That should be manly enough for anyone.

14 Keep looking after your nails, with cuticle oil, shine and growth promoter, and no biting!

PS:if you really battling stick plasters over your nails!this really helps!

info from wikihow
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Home remedy skin treatments

Honey mask:
Heat cloth and hold on your face to open pores.
Smear honey onto face,leave for 10-15 min.
Wash off with warm water and rinse face with cold water to close pores.
Once a week.

milk mask:
soak cotton wool in milk,dab onto face.

Egg mask:
seperate raw egg white from yolk.
smooth onto face.
leave for 15min.
Tightens face.

Avocaddo mask for dry skin:
Mash avocaddo.
add almond oil.
leave on for 30min

Tomato mask for oily skin:
mash a ripe tomato.
leave for 15min.
rinse with warm water.

Hope these help you

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Tips for hair

Tips to get rid of dry hair
Use warm herbal oil at least twice a week. Gently massage your hair. It will pamper the hair as well the scalp.
Eat food which is rich in zinc. Also you may add oily fish to your diet.
Apply mild shampoo. The shampoo should not contain any harsh ingredient. You may choose heat-activated shampoo for shiny hair.
To offer moisture on the hair, treat it with deep conditioner. Follow the process at least twice a week.

tips for oily hair
Shampooing is necessary for oily hairtype. You may apply shampoo at least three days in a week.
Oil or shampoo which is rich in neem and henna is useful for oily hair.
If you can get a head massage with herbal oil, it will keep the balance of pH level on your scalp. Encourage this process at least once a week.
Too much consumption of oily food may create difficulty. Go with green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

Tips for healthy normal hair
Use shampoo at least once or twice a week.
After shampooing apply conditioner. Choose good quality conditioner for better effect.
Get some head massage with herbal oil.

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Can't tell you how much I LOVE this site.they have every craft imaginable,from sewing to art to recycling projects,you name it they have it!some people even put tutorials with their projects!BONUS!
you don't have to register to look aat the crafts,but if you want to upload your own craft you have to register...but it's FREE!
GO check it out right now!

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A fashion DON'T!!!

A man call Scott Seamans invented crocs, for a boating shoe,now if only they had stayed boating shoes!
I don't care how comfortable these hideous shoes are DO NOT PUT THEM ON YOUR FEET!!!
I cannot tell you how much of a fashion don't these shoes are...
If you happen to see them in a shop, i am begging you to turn your head and completley ignore them,even if they are calling your name!!

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A date to the movies

have a date to the movies and cant find the right dress?
rather go for the casual look and dress it up with the accessories!!
The sequin beret and handbag adds an evening look to this outfit,making it look classy but not to dressed up..
The gun earings just give the look a little fun..
Use a black coal eyeliner for above and below your eyes,smudge it a little to give it a smoky,sexy look..add a light brush of purple eyeshadow to the top lid and put some mascara on to make your eyes 'pop'..and don't EVER forget that lip gloss,a light pink should do it for this look,slip it in your pocket and keep applying through the night!
This outfit is a comfortable feel good look,just add a spray of your perfume and he will be hooked!

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love the latest..


With these pants you have to wear them right!if not,you can end up looking drab and untidy..but if you get it right..the only word is wow!
At first glance these pants can look pretty tricky!But they comfortable,stylish and extremely flattering..hour glass,pear shaped,you name it and these pants will hide it!

with a plain grey tank top

with grey gladiators

a cute accessory

add some long chunky black and silver necklaces with heavy silver bangle and you're ready to go!


Today as I was looking around on the internet for the 2010 fashion forecasts,i realised that I should look on fashion blogs!(light bulb moment!)
But as I went onto the blogspot website i hit the wrong button and ended up on the 'create your own blog'website..i looked around and saw how easy it was to start and...
Here I am!!
This blog is going to be about fashion do's and don'ts, health and beauty tips,make-up tips,ect..ect..
Hope you enjoy!
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