Thursday, January 7, 2010

A date to the movies

have a date to the movies and cant find the right dress?
rather go for the casual look and dress it up with the accessories!!
The sequin beret and handbag adds an evening look to this outfit,making it look classy but not to dressed up..
The gun earings just give the look a little fun..
Use a black coal eyeliner for above and below your eyes,smudge it a little to give it a smoky,sexy look..add a light brush of purple eyeshadow to the top lid and put some mascara on to make your eyes 'pop'..and don't EVER forget that lip gloss,a light pink should do it for this look,slip it in your pocket and keep applying through the night!
This outfit is a comfortable feel good look,just add a spray of your perfume and he will be hooked!

you've been kissed

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